Harmonious contrasts

Throughout our 30-year history, MODO has offered eyewear that delivers lightness and lasting quality. Our designs are reflections of the world around us – in architectural precision as well as the harmonious contrasts between strength, structure, and light. 



Attention to details

We’re launching a ‘full’ R 1000 look, where we replace the classic Beta-titanium temples with TR90 for a soft and comfortable lightweight frame. New integrated hinges are virtually invisible from front view and highlight each frame’s unique shape.

Paper-Thin Acetate 

We’re unveiling three new features! Select styles feature acetate-covered bridges or angle-cut, faceted acetates which create a bold, colorful look that still retains our Paper-Thin lightness. 


New for the season – Block Titanium Sun! We’re launching one new style, with our new hidden screwless hinge and endless color possibilities. 

SS21’s new R 1000 + Titanium sun shapes also features new innovations and is fitted with our High Chromatic Definition polarized lenses for the ultimate in color clarity.