Antonia Miletto

Jewelry Designer

" think of my eyewear as a piece of jewelry..."

Riccardo Ghilardi


"...surfing is my passion, I fell in love with the ocean more than 30 years ago...I can't stop to enjoy it."

Giovanni Calcagno

Actor, author and producer

"...sometimes they let you see shapes and colours normally hidden by the light..."

Alessandra Pescetta

Film Director/producer

“...those who put on glasses to increase their charisma and symptomatic mystery...”


Joeri Bultheel

“Glasses make me feel all fuzzy inside when sun rays hit me.”

Shane O’Neill

Writer / Performer / Video Maker

“A good frame gives you one less thing to worry about."

Brie Ruais


“Glasses provide a kind of armor against the world."


DJ, producer

Dj and founder of Eletronicgirls wearing Modo Stendhal Dark Red/Red at the Venice Fashion Night.

Guglielmo Bottin

Artist, producer and sound designer

"Bottin is one of the finest purveyors of electronic disco around at the moment" Vice Magazine, UK
"Italians don't necessarily do it better. But William Bottin makes a pretty good case" Pitchfork, US

Francesco Candeloro


In the backround his work Linee Siamesi at the exhibition The Hidden Dimension, Marignana Art Gallery – Venice.

David Plaisant

Writer and Journalist

David Plaisant @davidplaisant is the Rome Correspondent for Monocle Magazine, and a freelance writer and journalist.
“ I mainly like to investigate the nicer things in life.” photo Francesca Lanaro

Alessia Glaviano

Senior Photo Editor Vogue Italia, L'Uomo Vogue, Web Editor

Barbara Pugliese

Lead Vocalist, Guitar Player

Lead vocals, guitar and percussions of the group Barbarella's Bang Bang is wearing MODO Paper-Thin Titanium, 657 Dark Blue

Event: Venice Jazz Festival

Nina Harries

Base Player, Singer

Double bass and backing vocals of the group Barbarella's Bang Bang is wearing MODO Paper-Thin Titanium, 661 Red

Event: Venice Jazz Festival

Elisa Rusconi

Health and Lifestyle Coach

Wearing MODO VS1 Torino Black/Gold


Wearing MODO VS1, Stendhal White/Silver

Event: Biennale Architettura 2016, Venice Italy


Wearing MODO Paper-Thin Ultra, 681 Shiny Nude

Event: Biennale Architettura 2016, Venice, Italy



Wearing MODO Paper-Thin Ultra, 681 Shiny Nude

Event: Biennale Architettura 2016, Venice, Italy